Avoid problems – keep it regular!

blue-carLike most complex machines, cars need to be maintained in order for them to run efficiently and safely.  When cars are not serviced regularly they simply do not run as they should.  Oil becomes thicker and so lubrication is reduced, which in turn leads to more engine wear.  Filters get clogged and so air, oil or fuel doesn’t flow freely which again leads to significant problems.

Most of all your car will use more fuel, emit more noxious exhaust fumes and will be more at risk of significant failure.  Servicing is a no-brainer.  Keep your car running sweetly, smoothly and more efficiently.

Reading Garage is able to carry out services to the manufacturers specification in order to ensure that the vehicle is kept at optimum reliability and safety. This is especially important on younger vehicles or those that are still covered under the manufacturers warranty.

Most manufacturers stipulate that if the car is still under warranty then you must use parts of equal or better quality.  Rest assured that we only use quality brands that are often the same as the manufacturers.

All types of servicing can be carried out either at our workshop,  your home or place of work at a time that suits you.  We also offer a collection and delivery service and have basic loan cars available.

In addition to this, for the older vehicle, we offer three levels of service suitable for all makes and models.

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