Used Car Inspections

Caveat Emptor and all that!

car-bangBuying a car can be quite daunting because it isn’t always easy to assess how good the car is in a simple drive or kick of the tyres.  Many people have bought cars, either in private sales or through a dealer, only to find that after a matter of weeks the car develops a major fault.  Worst still, sometimes the seller knew there was a fault and was trying to shift the car before it became critical.

So where do you stand?  If it’s a dealer you are probably in a better position because they will have to conform with certain Trading Standard’s requirements.  If it is a private sale, things might not be so easy and getting your money back or even compensation for the cost of repairs could be tricky.

We offer a used car inspection service, which can be carried out at the sellers location before you agree to buy the vehicle. The cost for this service is just £99.00 inclusive of V.A.T. within the central Berkshire area. We are happy to travel outside of this area for an additional traveling fee dependent on the actual distance.

We carry out a comprehensive inspection, checking everything from lights to tyre condition, engine bay levels to safety items. We are not able to carry out any dismantling or removal of parts to facilitate the inspection.  We will provide a written report on completion which will give you the information you require to be able to make an informed decision.

Inspections won’t worry the honest seller and you should feel a lot more confident parting with your money, so next time you buy a car, why not invest in one of our inspections.  Who knows, it could save you both a fortune and a lot of grief!

Small Print !

Please note that every care will be taken to provide you with the most accurate report as possible but it can never and will never be a guarantee of the cars longevity. The report will be based on the condition of the car at the time of the inspection therefore absolutely no responsibility will be taken on any future outcome once the inspection has been completed.