Air Conditioning

Don’t wait until the summer arrives before you have your air conditioning checked!

airconMost modern cars have air conditioning as standard yet it is often the most neglected piece of equipment in the car, usually only being serviced when something has gone wrong.  Repairs vary from simple and inexpensive to quite major and costly but it is easy to avoid the bigger problems by ensuring that your air conditioning is used regularly and also maintained annually.

Air conditioning systems require both a refrigerant (gas based coolant) and some lubrication.  Without this or if levels get low, the system becomes inefficient and excess strain can cause certain components or seals to fail.

We offer full air conditioning services or just simple re-gassing.  It is not expensive and not only will you help avoid the major bills that go with air conditioning failures but you will also have a pleasant temperature in your car when you really need it.

Don’t forget, aircon is not just for the summer.  Many modern vehicles rely on air conditioning to demist the car.  If your windows are difficult to clear in the winter, it’s highly likely your aircon is not working efficiently.